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James Bergman

James Bergman's occupations and interests cover a wide scope of opportunity and experience. Although design is perhaps most intriguing for James, the vertical integration between the design and the manufacturing processes of a product is a challenge that James addresses in all of his engineering projects.

His engineering accomplishments just since 1991 then include:

  • Engineering consulting for Polaris Industries.
  • Development and manufacturing of world-class oil level sensors
  • Responsible for the development, engineering and manufacturing-ready prototype of the Polaris RANGER.
  • Design and manufacturing of 49 Polaris RANGER and ATV accessories.
  • Development, engineering and manufacturing-ready prototype of militarized ATV adaptation for use in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom.
  • Development and sales of Courtesy, an all-weather shuttle vehicle with accessibility for medical institutions and other campuses.
  • Work on several “skunk-work” vehicle chassis designed to meet specific requirements.
  • Designed equipment and played a critical part in producing the “Polaris Thrill Team” show in 2004.
  • Militarized RANGER vehicle for SOCOM use.
  • Concept, design, and prototype of the Anvil electric car.

In 1991, James founded Beamco Incorporated to engineer and manufacturer various systems. He is still the president and owner today. In 1997, James began a separate manufacturing company called BMI located near Oslo, MN and Argyle, MN to separate manufacturing responsibilities from Beamco. BMI provides the production capabilities for NorthStar.

James Bergman also farms 1300 combined acres of sugar beets, wheat and pinto beans. He grew up in a farming family and became responsible for his own crop and equipment while yet in high school. In 28 years of farming, he has maintained the viability of his farm and the lifestyle that it provides for himself and his family. Advancements that James has made to his farming operation to adjust to the challenges of the farming industry include

  • GPS yield monitor and mapping equipment installed on planters and harvesters.
  • Operates Beamco and BMI on the farm for shared resources.
  • Increase stock contracts with American Crystal Sugar Company.

James’s education and employment experience prior to his current engineering work include:

  • 1979-present—Active farming in the Red River Valley
  • 1985--Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of North Dakota.
  • 1985-1989--work during winter months for Polaris Industries in Roseau, MN, designing parts for snowmobiles and learning engineering as it is applied in design and development.
  • 1990-1992 --work for Woodline Mfg. in Eveleth, MN developing manufacturing systems and equipment for the wood manufacturing industry.
  • 1991-present—Established Beamco, Inc.
  • 1997-present—Established BMI Mfg. Inc.
  • 2006-present—Established Northstar Specialty Vehicles with Mitchell Johnson

James and his wife, Donilyn and three children live on the family farm and are active in community and church activities. Though much of James’s time is spent with Beamco work, he likes to maintain his connection with the earth and cycles of life, and keep his hands working with real equipment. When others go to their lake cabin, he goes to the farm; when others go golfing, he goes farming.