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The RANGER for Fire and Medical Emergencies in Off-road Remote Areas


This RANGER will bring critical medical and fire aid where other emergency vehicles cannot go providing fast critical on-site medical treatment and/or fire support. During the "golden hour" it is crucial to quickly get to the scene to provide on-site fire and/or medical assistance and to deliver any victims to a medical treatment location. The Fire/Emergency Medical Rescue RANGER will get help to any victims and bring them out safely and comfortably.


This unique vehicle has only 42 miles on it and is as close to showroom condition as possible since it has only been driven in local parades. Listed below are just a few of the features this vehicle has:

  • 100 gallon aluminum diamond plate water tank with interior baffles, large fill port, and outlet to the pump with gate valve. The water tank is mounted low in the chassis which lowers the center of gravity and allows for more bed space.
  • High pressure self-priming pump powered by a 5 HP gasoline engine, foam injection system, and 50 feet of � inch high pressure discharge hose with hose reel and a Scotty� air aspirating nozzle with positive nozzle shut-off
  • Foam induction valve adjustable from 0 to 6% and a 5 gallon tank with 5 gallons of FlameOut� firefighting agent
  • Auxiliary intake hookup for pumping from a stream or portable on-site tank and an Additional pump discharge for hookup of lay-flat hose.
  • Rear view mirror and a Front Brush Guard with Extensions and Headlight Guard.
  • Aluminum diamond plate rear deck. Matching aluminum diamond plate emergency cab top with LED flashing light bar, interior lights, and front and rear work lights. Overhead console with interior lighting and control panel.
  • Attending medical technician seat beside the patient stretcher.
  • Premium Junkin JSA 200 stretcher. Ideal for unusually rugged rescue situations. Quick detachable mounting, Lockable storage compartments in rear and on deck for gear and supplies.

For More Details or For Pricing Call: 1-218-686-0804