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Polaris Dealer F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)
What does NorthStar Do?
  • NorthStar modifies and up-fits Polaris ATVs and RANGERs for special product markets.
  • These specialty vehicles are high value vehicle adaptations requiring vehicle changes that dealers do not normally do.
  • These are vehicles for defined product markets. There could be one vehicle for a unique customer application or several vehicles for a specialty market such as snowmobile trail grooming.
  • The purpose of the Polaris NorthStar relationship is to collaborate to provide Polaris products to markets needing adaptations and modifications for special purposes.
Who sells NorthStar specialty vehicles?
  • NorthStar vehicles are sold primarily through Polaris dealers.
  • NorthStar and a dealer may work together on specialty vehicle opportunities the dealer may have.
  • For some product markets NorthStar may sell directly to the end customer. Examples are one-of-a-kind vehicles, adaptations for government agencies, RANGERs for commercial snowmobile trail grooming, and a fleet of special vehicles to a national account.
  • All NorthStar vehicles are available to Polaris dealers.
How do dealers contact NorthStar about product specs, pricing, and order management?
  • Look around our website to get insights into NorthStar systems, products and capabilities. Contact NorthStar regarding NorthStar product systems and adaptations. Unique requirements may require special modifications. NorthStar will provide specs, pricing and delivery estimates accordingly.
What is the process by which a Polaris dealer can solicit custom value-added product orders?
  • Dealers generally understand their customerís needs through direct contact and local experience. Some needs can be met by standard NorthStar systems. Others may require special solutions. Contact NorthStar for information to work with your customers to provide vehicle modifications for their needs. For more information, contact us.
What are the payment terms for NorthStar product orders?
  • Payment terms are generally 50% prior to shipment and 50% when the vehicle is delivered and accepted. For vehicles requiring unique engineered systems a down payment with the order may be required.
How is delivery, service and warranty handled for NorthStar vehicles?
  • NorthStar will deliver directly to the Polaris dealer. Polaris dealers will provide service and warranty for NorthStar vehicles. Polaris will handle service and warranty for Polaris systems and components. NorthStar will handle service and warranty for NorthStar systems and components.
  • For NorthStar sales direct to an end customer, the vehicle will be delivered through a Polaris dealer the same way Polaris handles the direct sale of a standard Polaris vehicle. The dealer is expected to take delivery and provide set-up services and will be paid a fee for this service. This dealer will normally handle service and warranty. This dealer service is voluntary.
  • NorthStar will normally reimburse the dealerís service department at the Polaris rate for NorthStar warranty work.
How does a dealer service department get support for servicing the value added NorthStar systems portion of the vehicle (i.e. the TotalTrack system and the snowmobile trail grooming drag)?
  • NorthStar will provide owner maintenance requirements and dealer service information for NorthStar systems and unique adaptations. NorthStar will work directly with the dealer service departments providing diagnostic information and service support.
What is the lead time for replacement parts for NorthStar systems on the vehicle?
  • NorthStar has an inventory of moving parts for standard NorthStar systems that are shipped a short time after receipt of order. Other parts can generally be shipped within a week of receipt of order. One-of-a-kind systems may require more time.
Who is NorthStar?
  • NorthStar is a separate company from Polaris. James Bergman is the Principal and President of NorthStar. For more information about NorthStar Specialty Vehicles, LLC, visit our contact us page.

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