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Polaris 50th Loop-to-Loop

In 2004, Polaris wanted to put on a spectacular show for their 50th anniversary. They wanted to re-enact part of the original Polaris Thrill Team Show from the late 1960's and early 1970's, which sent snowmobiles through walls of fire and other incredible stunts; The main attraction was a snowmobile going completely upside down on a loop-to-loop.

The original loop was long gone, and video footage from "back in the day" revealed some concerning safety issues . MItchell and James were brought on not only to re-create the loop, but to also to make it compatible with a modern snowmobile and ATV - as well as making it safe. In addition, the loop also had to be designed to travel from the show to show.

60 year old Roger Dick (from the original Polaris Thrill Team) drove a 1970 Polaris snowmobile around the loop, as well as Cory Wimpfheimer who drove a 2004 Polaris Fusion. Jeremy Hughes drove a Polaris Predator ATV around the loop, and Tracy Kofstad drove an ATV through the loop. It was a huge success and a big favorite of the immense crowds that gathered to watch these dare-devil drivers.