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Northstar Specialty Vehicles Mission Statement
  • NorthStar Specialty Vehicles’ mission is to provide vehicles for off-road applications and product markets requiring special adaptations and modifications to meet customers’ needs and requirements.
  • NorthStar’s primary strength is working with the customer to understand problems and creatively find solutions to meet the customer’s needs.
  • NorthStar works with Polaris recreation and utility vehicles as base vehicles to up-fit them to customer specifications. 
  • NorthStar markets and sells vehicles primarily through Polaris dealers; however some product markets are more effectively served by NorthStar through direct sales to the end customer.

About NorthStar Specialty Vehicles, LLC

Customers that need off-read vehicles to be adapted to a wide variety of applications is why NorthStar Specialty Vehicles was founded in 2006.

In 2004, Polaris of Roseau, MN wanted to put on a spectacular show for their 50th anniversary. They wanted to re-enact part of the original Polaris Thrill Team Show from the late 1960's and early 1970's, which sent snowmobiles through walls of fire and other incredible stunts; The main attraction was a snowmobile going completely upside down on a loop-to-loop.

The original loop was long gone, and video footage from "back in the day" revealed some concerning safety issues. NorthStar Specialty Vehicles was brought on not only to re-create the loop, but to also to make it compatible with a modern snowmobile and ATV - as well as making it safe. In addition, the loop also had to be designed to travel from the show to show.

When the U.S. Army Special Operations Command (SOCOM) needed specialty outfitted and equipped Polaris RANGER vehicles, NorthStar Specialty Vehicles who designed and built the "military ready" chassis. The vehicle is able to transport a heavy payload and can be slung from a helicopter while surviving the military theatre.

Other Northstar created vehicles include the RANGER TT with the TotalTrack™ system, the Fire RANGER used for grassland and forest area fire-fighting, the Saratoga RANGER made specifically for snowmobile trail grooming and many more.

Today, NorthStar is looking to make their experience available to those requiring unique applications of off-road vehicles.

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