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The Saratoga Ranger
Saratoga RANGER

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The Saratoga RANGER is fully equipped with everything you need for grooming snowmobile feeder trails.

This RANGER is equipped with the TotalTrack™ commercial all season, all terrain track system. It has a high capacity electrical system for operating a groomer and sustained electrical loads required for night grooming.

Included are hard body ROPS cab, heater, defrost fan, windshield wipers, rear view mirror, front and rear work lights, beacon, reverse warning, and overhead instrument console with dome light, radio, vent fans, and accessory switches. It has an aluminum diamond plate rear flat bed with lockable storage/tool box.

It is equipped with a front brush guard and steel tube branch deflector for cab and work light protection.



  • RANGER TotalTrack™ All Terrain Commercial Track System
  • Dimensions - 14" wide by 100" long.
  • Full rubber internal drive lugs, aggressive chevron tread pattern – Smooth running with low vibration, maximum traction in all conditions. Studs available.
  • Steel self cleaning drive sprocket.
  • Extra wide large rubber wheels - low rolling resistance, excellent track support, rubber running surface for comfort and durability. Wheel scrapers for mud and ice build-up. Grease fittings on all wheels and pivots. Double lip sealed bearings with debris shield.
  • Rear Track Pods – Six 12" dia. corner wheels, Six 7" dia. intermediate wheels
  • Front Track Pods – Three 12" dia. front corner wheels and nine 7" dia rear corner and intermediate wheels.
  • Steel internal frame – Durable heavy duty steel structure. Track and frame profile for improved ride and steering effort.
  • Steering damper provides smooth steering effort.


  • MacPherson Strut front and Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) with anti-roll bar -Front and rear suspensions adapted for RANGER TotalTrack All Terrain Commercial Track system. Heavy duty front A-arm and lower ball joint.


  • High Capacity electrical system for extended high load conditions. Two group 27 Absorbed Glass Matt batteries with high amperage switch and battery charge condition meters. Onboard AC battery charger matching charge profile of batteries. Dash Controls for operating grooming drag with rear electrical connector wired for Trailmaker Drag.


  • Front Grill brush guard. Steel tube cab and work light guard for branch deflection.


  • XL6610 Trailmaker drag - 6 ft. X 10 ft. six blade drag with blade trips, separate blade and wheel lifts with electric actuators. Designed for grooming with the Saratoga RANGER.


  • Polaris Liberty - Liquid cooled EFI twin, 40 horsepower, 683cc.
  • Fuel – Gasoline, 9½ gallon capacity.


  • Automatic PVT (Polaris Variable Transmission) - Continuously variable transmission.
  • Gear selection - Forward: Hi, Lo, and Reverse: Lo.
  • Speed – Hi: approx. 27mph, Lo: approx. 15 mph.
  • Drive system – Rear continuous, front on demand. Front tracks drive only when rear tracks begin to loose traction. Efficient use of power. Easier steering.
  • Rear Differential - Dash switch. Unlocked for tight turning, locked for maximum traction.
  • Brakes – Four axle hydraulic disk with mechanical park brake.
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