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The Fire RANGER is specially designed for grassland and forest area fire fighting. We build the Fire RANGER on a foundation of features, then each vehicle can be made for each fire crew's unique needs and application.

This Ranger with the on-board Fire Suppression System will fight fires where other vehicles cannot go providing fast critical fire suppression for off-road wildland grass and brush firefighting, controlled burning, and other remote location firefghting. It carries 75 gallons of water, engine, and pump with five gallons FlameOut® foam fire retardant. FlameOut® foam fire retardant extends water volume up to seven times and is suitable for Class A, B, and D fires.

Available on the RANGER XP (4X4) chassis, Ranger 6X6 chassis, or the Ranger XP TT (TotalTrack) chassis for ultimate off-road capability.

Features include:
  • Carries 75 gallons of water and Fire Caddy reel, hose, and pump with a 5 gallon tank for Flame Out foam fire retardant.
  • Flame Out foam fire retardant extends water volume up to 10 times. An adjustable control valve is included.
  • The self priming pump with suction hose hookup pumps from any water source and includes 50 ft. of high pressure discharge hose with air an aspirating nozzle and positive nozzle shut-off.
  • The pump is powered with a 5HP Honda engine.
  • Aluminum diamond plate cab top with LED light bar.
  • Aluminum diamond plate rear deck
  • 75 gallon aluminum diamond plate water tank with interior baffes, large fll port, and outlet to the pump with gate valve.
  • High pressure self priming pump powered by a 5 HP gasoline engine, foam injection system, and 50 feet of � inch high pressure discharge hose with hose reel and a Scotty® air aspirating nozzle with positive nozzle shut-off.
  • Foam induction valve adjustable from 0 to 6% and a 5 gallon tank with 5 gallons of FlameOut® firefighting agent.
  • FlameOut® fire fighting agent. Environmentally approved (nontoxic, non-corrosive, rapidly biodegradable), suitable for Class A, B and D fres, UL listed and U.S. Forest Service approved.
  • Auxiliary intake hookup for pumping from a stream or portable on-site tank.
  • Additional pump discharge for hookup of lay-flat hose.
  • The Fire Suppression System is operable in several modes:
    • Intake from the on-board tank or with an auxiliary intake hose (optional) from a stream, lake, or on-site portable tank.
    • Discharge from the primary hose and nozzle or from the additional charge
    • Foam injection using the primary hose and nozzle or the additional discharge with an appropriate nozzle.
    • The pump will fll the on-board tank from a stream or lake using the auxiliary intake hose.
    • Aluminum diamond plate emergency cab top.
    • LED fashing lights, interior lights, front and rear work lights.
    • Overhead console with interior lights and light switch panel
  • Engine compartment cooling fan for extended running at slow speeds
  • Rear view mirror
  • Front Brush Guard with Extensions and Headlight Guards
  • 20 ft. intake hose with onboard storage rack.
  • Severe duty radiator and fan cooling system. (Larger radiator and fan for working in hot weather.)
  • Front mounted winch � Warn 4.0 CI-4000 lb. pull with free cable spool-out and hand held remote.
All NorthStar Specialty Vehicles can be adapted for special customer needs.
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